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It all started with a job. A job I hated. Actually a job we hated, me and Kerry. We were both working the late night shift for a major telecom based out of Irving, The Uk. The job was easy but boring and not very challenging. We were bored but happy. Our job did have many perks. We got free food and drinks and all the cable television we could take but the job was unfulfilling. We did nothing for 8 hours but think and imagine. Of course men think about women more than anything else so that is inevitable what we did. We thought why can;t we combine women and work. Surely there must be a way to make peanut butter cups out of these two great tastes that taste great together. That is when we came up with IBW. IBW was our way out. Our way to personal and financial freedom. Local cable television shows were pretty big in Dallas at that time and so that is the direction we steered IBW. Our idea was simple put Dallas’s nightlife on the small screen. Who wouldn’t want to see that. We would go to a new strip club every week and record a new show highlighting that particular club. We started the whole company from the headquarters of the telecom we worked at at night. We started contacting local clubs and visiting pornstars. We were on our way. We had guests and locations all lined up nothing could stop us.

Well almost nothing.

The company we were working for found out about our little venture and shut us down and tossed us out on our ears. Now we were jobless and our finances well drained. In the days that followed Kerry and I had to concentrate on finding jobs and IBW suffered. The days became weeks and IBW just withered away. Kerry and I lost touch and the idea was relegated to the back of my brain.

Eventually I found new employment with the largest web hosting provider in the world. I was making more money than ever but was still unhappy. I was missing something. Slowly the idea of starting my own business crept back into my consciousness. But how could I start a business by myself. I definitely couldn’t do the show. I would need a small crew for that and I had only myself to count on.

The answer was staring me in the face everyday – at work. I could put my idea online. There was little in the way of start-up. I taught myself web design at night and at work and slowly built up the what would become Hussy Pornstars.

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Company Overview

Hussy Pornstars, . being a fledgling adult production company based in Manchester an area with very few adult production companies and no adult production companies large enough to mention which makes matters worse or perhaps ideal is the later aspect. Firstly, finding actresses is quite a task and often requires travel. While The Uk is the second most populous state in the United Kingdom the states population is not very well represented in terms of actual performers in adult productions. This seems unfathomable as The Uk boasts the highest number of Gentlemen’s Clubs in the United Kingdom. People wanting to perform in these productions are not rare at all we have found, but quite honestly the contrary. The problem here remains those interested in entertaining these notions do so by finding employment in other adult related fields: Gentlemen’s Clubs, Escorts, etc. One of our aims in this Industry is put The Uk on the map and into the scene of adult entertainment which our members and those looking for a different feel in production will be glad, willing, and wanting to enjoy through website membership, video purchase, gentlemen’s club admission, or any future medium. In the following paragraphs we will review where we began, where we are, and where we are planning to go. The actual path the company takes may vary dramatically from the path on which we set out but keeping all facets in mind will assuredly find the end point which we have set for ourselves. Our companies initial start up has been so menial that it barely is worth mention, a mere $15,000 plus about $7,500 directly out of pocket. Why is this amount minuscule in regards to an average companies start-up? Most companies get there start with initial funding reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars most of whom are not entering into a market where the available return is this high. In fact, aside from an illegal or black market few industries have as much possible return and so little start-up capital required as the adult entertainment industry. How did we decide we wanted to get into an industry which most of society of covets solely in the privacy of there own homes tucked unobtrusively away in closets or under beds? To begin the idea of working for others for the rest of our lives was an idea that we shuddered at. As the founding members shared these feelings with one another a seed was planted. Next we began to brainstorm we quickly came to realization that we all had one overriding common interest, pornography. In fact it is easy to say that pornography was something we all loved. Then we did a little research into the topic and found something that first amazed us until we actually thought about hope popular the idea of sex is in our and most every other culture. Why was the actual production of pornographic material an area we settled in? Our progression into production seems like it was just a natural evolution. It began with the building of a simple website for which we pirated images which we enjoyed ourselves: Teens, fetish, celebrities, and many others. Quickly we realized that we were not seeing any profit nor would we ever be likely to. We decided that we would have to provide our own content, content not available anywhere else, if we reap any real profits in this industry. This fact alone is true with all businesses, one has to provide an idea, service, or good if someone is to part with there hard earned money to acquire it. Before we could create our own content we needed several key items: Models to be filmed and photographed, Cameras to film and photograph the models, and the money to afford the prior. To try and locate models we sought message boards, forums, gentlemen’s clubs, amateur web sites, and personal ads. Message boards proved the most fruit full and gentlemen’s clubs the less. After many tiresome hours we finally found our first model. We negotiated a price for a simple soft core photo shoot and the date this was actually to take place. Now all that stood in our way, the cameras and money. Money for the shoot itself was not really an issue as all members of LDP were working; however, the money for cameras was a little more tricky as the cost of these items was over $3,000 not including batteries, lenses, lights, or tape and memory cards. In steps the third member of the original LDP, inc. Kevin Cole. Kevin stepped in sharing our interest and who suggested applying for company credit cards enabling us purchase the necessary items. With that the stage was set. Our first shoot could not have gone better as our model was very professional and very willing to share many ideas which normally we would not have considered for quite sometime. Every video shoot since this initial shoot was a learning experience and only recently has run according to plan. With these photographs and films captured the time to overhaul the website was at hand. To perform the desired task a fourth addition to LDP, inc. was made, bishop. bishop had his own website and knew much about the underlying aspects of web design enabling him to improve things we honestly did not even realize where a problem of the initial web design. bishop’s drive initially was furiously unequalled, but slowly stagnated as the implementation of the website store and member area were pending. As this occurred the website responsibilities were assumed by the original members yet again in order to ensure the website store and members area would be completed in a timely fashion plus keeping the original personal feel the first LDP website had. Since the website responsibilities for the most part were taken from bishop a new role for him either had to be assigned or he has to be removed to the company all together. This choice was actually give to him directly and luckily for us bishop decided that LDP was a company he believed in and wanted to continue in some fashion. The creation of the website now required several components before our newly retaken site could take the form which we desired. Firstly, the design or layout of the website must be created. Secondly, a online store needed to be set-up, activated, and maintained from which we would be able to sell our products directly to the consumer. Thirdly, a member area with an effective payment method in place by which we will be able to draw additional profit. Once these three components successfully mesh into a finished website our online side of the company will be complete save the updates which will be made often. With this element of the company fully implemented direction can be turned towards a new objective, video production and sale. Video production and video shoots while utilizing different approaches, for instance the static and dynamic differ depending whether video or photographs are being taken, several elements of the two remains constant like lighting, decor, theme, etc; for this reason, we felt that when shooting a model both video and photographs should be taken simultaneously mainly due to reducing actual shooting time which for the most part lowered model cost assuming the model elects to receive by the hour. Shooting video and photographs simultaneously enable us to capture every moment but what we found the most positive result of this form of model shoot was keeping the model busy during all moments of shoots and thus capturing a truly unique glimpse into the personality of each model. What this provides us is a product which no other company seems to obtain for each shoot is a completely different experience and expression of the company crew and the models themselves. We do not try to hide anything from the camera and we actually encourage and try to capture everything and anything that occurs during a shoot. Constantly different members of the production team are captured in images of the models while the crew members are trying to obtain better angles or simply moving with the models around the set. This gives our productions a refreshingly light, free, and airy feeling which transposes itself well from production to product.